Residential recycling collections in Nigeria

Mattwale's Energy recycling door-to-door service collects, sorts and recycles pre-sorted household recyclable waste from homes in Nigeria. These initiatives are saving large amounts of natural resources, and most of all, prolonging the life of our landfill sites.Under this solutions, we have two recycling systems. They are:

Single stream recycling:
With the single-stream recycling system, all customers recyclables go into a single bin solution. At the recycling facility, recyclables are loaded onto a conveyer belt and pushed off in response to certain stimuli: Metals lift iron-based metals from the belt; puffs of air blow paper from the line, and so on.Mattwale provides customers service at the most cost effective and efficient system to recycle single-stream waste materials.Such materials include: Paper,plastics and cardboard…etc.

There are several advantages to a single stream recycling system, including:

  • A lack of sorting means more people are willing to participate in the program and residents tend to recycle a greater percentage of their waste stream.
  • The lack of sorting causes residents to need less space in their home to store recyclables.
  • Single stream reduces collection costs because single compartment trucks are less expensive than multi-compartment trucks, staff can move faster without having to do any sorting at the truck, and single compartment trucks have a greater capacity than multi-compartment trucks.
  • New materials can be added to the program without having to add additional compartments onto a collection truck .

Mixed stream recycling:
Mixed recycling is the process of recycling many different types of recycling materials using manual and automated sorting technology to separate the recyclables  into different waste streams. Our new mixed recycling solution allows for single-stream mixed recycling district-wide. This means that all mixed recyclables (office paper, cardboard, plastic, cans and glass) should be collected in the same designated containers without sorting.

Why is Mixed Recycling Important ?

The important of Mixed recycling system cannot be over emphasized.Recycling turns your waste into useful products. Waste management  is becoming a growing problem. The waste generated per person, per day is gradually increasing everyday.
This is where our company come in to collect and recycle our waste.We take our mixed recyclables and sends them to the recycling facilities. These facilities turn plastics back into plastic, paper back into paper, cardboard back into cardboard, and aluminum back into aluminum.Consequently,reduces business high energy cost.
Recycling is an energy saving solution.Infact, the EPA discovered that recycling is powerful measure that can be used to reduce climate change. For example, using recycled aluminum scrap to produce new aluminum cans uses 95% less energy than making aluminum cans from bauxite ore, the raw material used to make aluminum. 
Recycling provides us with an opportunity to learn and understand more about the products we use, encouraging us to think about the source where products come from and what happens to them after we finish with them. Recycling can be a guide to think about our daily actions.