Municipal Waste Solutions

Waste management is a major environmental challenge in Nigeria.The situation isn't different in some Municipalities in the country.It is for this reason,Mattwale Energy provides Municipal Waste Solutions(MWS).We design this exceptional waste solutions to Local Authorities; to help collect and recycle their waste.So all wasteful materials, such as paper and cardboard,plastic,metal,glass and clinical wastes are taken care of  in a simple and efficient way.
At Mattwale, we ensure that the waste generated by our Municipalities are made easier by managing all their recycling and waste management requirements. Our trained personnels collect  Municipal waste recycle material to the waste recycling centres to help communities like ours to recycle better and recycle more.We are able to achieve this ;with the approval and cooperation of Environmental departments concerned.
Our integrated solutions turn waste into a valuable resources, wherever possible and maximise the efficiency of our customers services and the value they offer to their community.Therefore,we perfectly manage and recycle the waste produced by various Government Facilities.Such Facilities include:

  • Local government premises
  • Schools
  • Stadium
  • Markets
  • Government Road Waste

Recycling items accepted
The following items CAN be recycled in your recycle bin:

  • Plastics 
  • Glass food and beverage containers
  • Metal food and beverage containers 
  • Aluminium foil and foil containers

The following items CANNOT be recycled in your recycle bin:

  • Black driveway sealing pails or black plant buckets
  • All plastic shopping bags
  • Laundry baskets and toys
  • Toilet seats
  • Paint
  • Mirrors
  • Wood-can be recycled call for special pickup
  • Electronics-can be recycled call for special pickup