Residential Solutions

The company is one of the growing renewable energy design and installation companies in Nigeria. Our experts provide real time residential solution energy systems, including Solar electric, Solar hot water, Energy audit,Off-Grid Systems,pv-direct systems,grid-tied systems with battery backup and batteryless grid-tied systems technologies .We give quality customer service to deliver more clean energy production and a higher return on investment for both large and small homeowners in Nigeria. 

Solar Energy Solution:
Solar Photovoltaic System often referred to as Solar Electric system.Photovoltaic solution is a streamlined solar energy solution designed for homeowners in Nigeria. We offer a wise choice to make you save money at the same time contributing to the environmental protection. If you are a homeowner in Nigeria, our technicians can assit you to installing a solar array on your home or property and start enjoying the benefits.

Mattwale's renewable energy division, has proven experience in offering solar energy solutions to customers. Our photovoltaic experts can develop and implement integrated photovoltaic systems that: 

  • Are cost-effective and money saving.
  • Help protect you against future increases in energy costs
  • Help manage energy uncertainty and reduce risk.
  • Contribute to energy security and efficiency
  • Are flexible, modular and flexible in terms of size and application.
  • Serve both form and function in a building .
  • Meet demand and capacity challenges

Solar hot water
This system is the best solar solution for homeowners that want to balance it all.We can offer you complete installation of the system .Now you can generate both solar electricity and solar hot water, reducing your need for energy even further to save you more money. A domestic solar hot water system is a highly economical way of reducing energy costs from gas, electric, or propane sources. With us,solar hot water solution in your homes at a cost-effective manner. 

Energy Audit:
When it comes to energy audit,Mattwale Energy is the leading home energy audit.Mattwale Energy Solutions (MES) is your leading home energy auditor. Our qualified energy analysts can help you address energy inefficiencies in your home and realize savings through some of these simple guides :

  • Adopt Simple changes in your everyday lifestyle;
  • Use Low energy LED lighting;
  • Increasingly efficient insulation technologies

Off-Grid Systems :
In any remote geographical areas, mattwale energy can also design and install fixed  solar array systems for back-up or  independently from the electric grid.We are here to help you meet your individual needs.Our skilled staffs can handle any off-grid solar project- small or large that requires electric power .From traffic lights, street lights,backyard lighting systems, water pumps, remote (Internet) hot spots, remote living, cabin in the woods, back-up power systems, cell phone and mobile charging stations.We offer customize and competitive solutions.We will plan your solar energy project with no delay.

Pv-direct systems:
Mattwale can design and install  pv-direct systems solution to its clients.These are the most basic solar-electric systems, with the least components. They just have the PV array and the load. They have no batteries and are not hooked to the utility, and power the loads only when the sun is shining. They are only used for a few applications such as water pumping and ventilation.

Grid-tied systems :
Are you a homeowner, business owner, farmer, or  you manage an institution such as a school or place of worship? you now have the opportunity to install a solar power system on your rooftop, connecting a home energy system to the electric grid and start saving money. These systems are similar to an off-grid system in design and components, with one different – they use the utility grid as well.We can assit you make your solar power project realizable in time.Be our partner today !

Residential Wind Energy Solutions
A wind energy system may be a great source for renewable power, If you live in a more rural area with acreage.  It works by collecting kinetic energy from the wind as it blows through a turbine and converting it into useable electricity.  And if you have a good wind resource, you can produce a third more power at a given investment over solar! 

Our company-Mattwale Energy can install wind energy solution for you, respecting your need and the project budget in Nigeria.Our systems can lower your electric bills or even eliminate it completely depending on the solution of your choice.We will work with you to save you money;reduce your impact on the environment. Harnessing a free and readily available source of energy is a no brainer.

Our energy solutions also help residential customers to track their energy production so they know exactly how much impact they are having on the environment, and just as important, their wallet.