Commercial Solutions

Mattwale Energy with its high commitment, designs and installs reliable renewable energy systems  for small or large businesses,farms,schools vineyards,hospitals,hotels and government buildings.

Infact the commercial renewable energy systems process,can be complex and time-intensive.Yet,our experts make it so simple  to understand the huge economic and environmental benefits in order to go “GREEN” and receive government benefits. To us,offering you a personalized approach that is suitable to your commercial and business requirements is very important. We give a wide range of services and expertise to see you through to source for energy solutions.For any solution you choose,we can help you. 

Solar Energy Solution :
If you’re a business owner, you’re probably always looking for a way out to save money. We can help you install a renewable energy system like solar or  wind power on your business you can save money in ways you probably haven’t even thought of. 

In the recent years,the call by the various stakeholders going “GREEN”  has been a popular support.And installing a renewable energy solutions like,solar or wind energy system on your business will be a smart choice that will enable you save money and give you sense of social responsibility towards the society.This will attract customers who spend their money with businesses that are socially and environmentally responsive.Renewable energy can potentially earn you positive media attention. 

Energy Efficiency :
Whether you are owner of  medium or large businesses, you obviously need energy for lighting, heating, air conditioning, power for office equipment, and other services to stay in business. We will help you to maximize energy efficiency, which will save you money while helping the environment. Our energy efficiency solutions are designed to reduce energy and operating costs, increase productivity and maximizing profits. The benefits are real, and the costs do not need to be a problem.We use evaluating energy efficiency methods. Mattwale energy solutions also boost safety and comfort.

Energy Management
 Are you business owners? Using energy management systems could save you up to 40% of your expenses on energy.
 The cause of waste is the result of excess heat generated through  inefficiencies, machines using power when they are not needed - which is  100% waste.And   as a result, it increases your energy expenses-leading to diminish business profit margins.

 At Mattwale,our  comprehensive energy services experts can assit you manage your energy more efficiently and effectively.We operate with technique of  monitoring, controlling and conserving energy in a commercial premises that  can lead to main financial savings and can really make a positive impact on your  companies bottom line.

 We can help you  analyse your companies energy consumption or install modern technology apparatus to determine peak energy cost and determine your companies potential energy savings.We provide cost-effective solutions to your energy inefficiency!!!

LED Lighting Solutions
Majority of business owners are quite aware there must be energy saving solutions they would benefit from.But how do you pinpoint the wasteful energy? How do you get rid of the danger of buying the wrong technology?How can you accurately measure and verify the financial return on your investment in real-time? Honestly,that's where Mattwale Energy comes in.

In the recent times, energy expenses can certainly increase your businesses’ operating costs. While a conventional  bulb uses 60 watts of power to generate light, the current “LED” technology can produce the same light for less than 10 watts.

Mattwale Energy Solutions (MES) can provide you with impressive LED solutions ensuring light is generated efficiently… control sensors turn lights off automatically when they are not required.We can assit you determine which LED fixtures are the best for your commercial business premises. In addition, businesses can save up to 50% of the installation cost and as well as save on maintenance costs. We encourage you to act fast and take smart decision now! Our clients who have  pursued energy efficiency they ended up making money… even if money wasn’t their initial goal!!

Hybrids Solutions
The Solar energy evolution is transforming our every day life,in various homes,work places and offices. But constant and reliable energy supply still remain first concern for businesses and industries. Even a short power interruption, can bring business operations of some industries to a stop.
Hybrid energy solution is one of the sources of clean energy. If you want to reduce your fuel consumption powering your business or industry,Our hybrid solutions help deliver reliable energy for business or industry. And their fuel consumption can be reduced up to the level of 30 percent. In this way; reducing the carbon footprint and protecting the environment from pollution.

Our solutions deliver

  • Cheapest,quickest and cleanest way to provide energy solutions and tackle climate change.
  • Power is generated from the design source; helping reduce grid workload.
  • Customized energy efficiency projects, as well as the operation and maintenance of new equipment, tapping the potential of energy conservation to generate cost savings.
  • A complete system that combines solar PV and diesel generation to provide highly cost-effective, affordable and dependable energy to a variety of environments.

Commercial Wind Energy Solutions
Wind energy system may be a great source for renewable power, If your business is in a more rural area with large expanses of open land. It works by collecting kinetic energy from the wind as it blows through a turbine and converting it into useable electricity.  Depending on your energy needs, you may need one or several turbines to greatly reduce your dependence on local utilities. 

Our staff can help you Install a wind energy system on your business. And you start to tap from an infinity and free resources and convert it into a useable energy that can save you money. We design your system by looking at your current energy use.The moment your system is installed and turned on, you start to save money- producing your own energy every time the wind blows. Our system is an innovative and cost-effective solutions that will increase your business profit margin.