Agricultural Solutions

In the 21st century, Nigeria faces enormous challenges, and one of its most crucial is power. Nigeria has been confronted with constant electricity hassles ranging from power generation to its transmission and distribution. The main sources of its electricity are not producing sufficient energy to meet the country's demand.And for many decades, homes, businesses,industries and farmers have faced the big challenges when accessing electricity.Farmers require nearly continual energy to increase farm produce.Here is the good news now! Farmers can generate energy independently at a cheaper and relative cost to meet their farm needs.Thanks to Clean energy also known as renewable energy.

Mattwale Energy Solutions is able to offer farmers custom-designed renewable energy services. Our solar photovoltaic water pump or wind energy water pump have been designed to meet the requirements of the farmers and help them increase the crop yields in a sustainable manner. Farmers don't have to depend on expensive diesel pump which cost them a lot of money to maintain in the presence of irregular supply of power from the grid.
Our Water pump installations bring progress to farmers.It gives them an opportunity to maximize land utilization for cultivation. Increase yields by shifting to precise daytime irrigation and grow high value farm produce.